Shilpa Reddy


The elegant and talented Shilpa Reddy is quite the maverick in the world of fashion. She has come a long way from being a model to leading the models with her creation and being a very well known socialite in Hyderabad. She has a rich design background, a fashion graduate from the Academy of Design, Toronto. She has competed in the popular Gladrags Mrs. India contest in 2004 and won the coveted title. The diva has also been a part of the prestigious Kingfisher Calendar.

She is also known as an influential socialite and someone who’s synonymous with social issues, facilitating dialogue and debate on critical issues of women empowerment, child safety and education. She is someone who is actively associated and has been featured speaker at many reputed social forum such as Breast Cancer Awareness .She is on the board of trustees at AMF encouraging physically challenged people to pick sports and council them to become athletes .Her passion resonatesin every bit she does.She is the brand ambassador of ‘Roshni’, an organization for mental health awareness and the patron of Teach for Change to name a few. She was solely resposnsible to raise corpus funds for Roshni through a theatre dance show which was conceptualised and performed by her on the subject of mental health. Also she is the brand ambassador of COWE (Confederation Of Women Entrepreneurs) where she was invited to speak for women Entrepreneurship, counseling and handholding to enhance their skills.

Apart from being a fashion designer, model and beauty queen she is also an icon for women’s fitness and is extensively known for her writing style, evident at the numerous health and fitness columns. Also recently she has been invited as a guest speaker at SAARC – Chamber women entrepreneur council (SCWEC) on creative and intellectual well being.